Digital Scanning with a Camera

The fast, accurate and predictable way of digitising your assets!

When you want something Scanned, you might be forgiven for thinking of a Drum, Flatbed or Slide Scanner, and traditionally you would be right. And there are still companies out there offering scanning services using these devices.
But what if we told you that the future of scanning is not with these traditional devices but instead with a digital camera!
Not any old digital camera, but a purpose made digital capture device, designed and built specifically for capturing Film, Glass Plate and Flat Artwork.

At Peartree Photo we have the latest Phase One iXH 150MP Digital Solution. It is capable of digitally capturing virtually any type of material from 35mm film, glass plates and artwork up to A0. And the beauty is that it very, very fast and extremely high quality. And unlike a Drum scanner there is very little prep required, just a quick dust removal. The digital capture is instant and the quality is always the highest possible. To achieve  the same quality from a drum scanner you will need at least 10 mintes to prep and load the film and further 10 minutes to scan. We can also digitise your 35mm slides at up to 5,500ppi without removing them from their frames , again instantly, so if you have a large collection, we will have them ready for you in no time at all.

If you have artwork you would like to archive or reproduce then the iXH 150mp is the answer. As with film the digital capture is instant, and we don't even need to unmount it. (please note we can capture behind glass but the quality may be reduced due to impurities and refraction). You can be there while we capture your artwork, you will see your precious artwork reproduced at the highest museum quality digital capture in an instant!

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and on. It’s on all the time.”
– Annie Leibovitz

Film Digitising Prices

All our digital captures are at the highest resolution possible for each size.  The processed fles we will be provided to you as a high resolution 8bit TIFF, which is uploaded to a client folder on a secure server, for you to download. 

Want to test us first? not a problem, just send or bring a sample of material and we will do a free test scan for you.


Digitisation Price List PDF

35mm Slides & Strips

Prices start at £9 for 1-20 scans 

645, 6x6, 6x7 & Xpan

Prices start at £12 for 1-20 scans 

6x9 & 6x12

Prices start at £13.50 for 1-20 scans 

6x17, 5x4 & 5x7

Prices start at £21 for 1-20 scans 


Prices start at £39 for 1-20 scans 

Quantity Discounts

Prices shown are for scanning 1-20 images. Discounts are available for higher quanties, contact us for pricing.

Fine Art Digitising Prices

We can digitise anything from the size of a postage stamp to A0, however our standard maximum size is up to 100cm x 75cm.  There may be additional handling fees if we need to remove glass .


Digitisation Price List PDF

Ultra Hi-Res Scan Up to 100x75cm

1 Ultra Hi-Res Scan Up to A3 Price £55 + VAT
2 or more £30 + VAT
download our Digitsation Price List PDF for more pricing

This includes light retouching, removing hairs & scratches etc.

For quanities above 20 please contact us for reduced pricing.

We can supply the image at the highest resolution or to any other specification you require. The file is supplied in 8-bit TIFF format, but JPEG can also be supplied.

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